How you can help

Take turkeys off the menu

Research shows that turkeys have a wide range of feelings, including loyalty, sadness, joy, and fear, and with a nervous system similar to that of mammals, they too suffer physical pain. Turkeys also experience similar emotional states to humans, including fear, anxiety, frustration, boredom, pleasure and enjoyment. They possess marked intelligence and have complex social relationships and both visual and vocal means of communicating with each other.

Cut out turkey from your diet - try these cruelty free alternatives:

Or, consider going vegan. Why vegan? The issues highlighted by our investigations are industry-standard practices, found Australia-wide; and cruelty isn't just limited to the turkey industry - so don't just swap it for a ham on Christmas. Widespread cruelty such as this can be changed by our own consumer choices. Together we have the power to change this.

Plus, going vegan is better for your health, for the environment (livestock is responsible for over 50% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions), for long-term food sustainability, and it's the only way to be sure your food is coming from an ethical source.

Spread the Word

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Help Stop the Suffering

Join Animal Liberation by becoming a member and help us with our vital investigations. Your donations go towards assisting animals in need.