Animal liberationists Conduct Rescue: Christmas 2016

On farms and in slaughterhouses around Australia, turkeys endure shocking abuse, out of sight and out of mind. But this year during the week of Christmas a team of animal activists decided to enter one such farm. Equipped with camera gear and pillow slips, they hoped to both document and rescue some lucky birds to shine a light on these cruel and secretive operations at a time when most turkey is consumed in Australia. Read more...

Turkey rescue 2016

Cruelty exposed at major Inghams Abattoir

Inghams Poultry Abattoir 2013: Summary of Incidences.

Confined, Injured, Abused

Australian turkey farmingFactory farmed turkeys spend their entire lives in crowded sheds with thousands of other birds. Three to five million turkeys are currently killed every year in Australia for meat but this number is growing. Turkeys each live in a space the size of an A3 sheet of paper, until they are slaughtered at approximately 10 - 12 weeks (a turkey's natural life span is around 10 years).

In developed countries, more than 95% of commercial turkey production takes place in intensive production systems called factory farms. Turkeys raised in factory farms spend their entire lives (a grand total of three months) in crowded sheds with thousands of other birds. More...

For Australian producers, profits have taken priority over animal welfare, as birds are pushed beyond their physical limits. They are housed in unhealthy and unnatural conditions that induce acute and chronic pain. More...


More about the campaign

The Big Birds, Big Cruelty campaign, launched in 2011 by Animal Liberation ACT, aims to encourage wide scale action to expose and bring to an end the suffering of factory farmed turkeys in Australia.