In conclusion, this research identifies and presents some key information regarding the welfare issues of factory- farmed turkeys in Australia. The industry continues to show little concern for the health and welfare of turkeys, but much more concern for productivity and profit. As a result, these sentient and sensitive animals live in a state of constant suffering. Every aspect of a factory-farmed turkey's life is controlled and unnatural, from the moment of conception to slaughter.

Factory-farmed turkeys endure a range of stress and health problems as a result of their genetic make-up and the overcrowded environments in which they are raised. Fritz, cited in Davis, states 'the modern bird's (turkey's) swollen body, distorted physical shape, and inability to mate naturally remind us not only of the cruel arbitrariness of fate, but of the sinister power of humanity'.(96)

The welfare of factory-farmed turkeys must urgently be improved, as current methods and procedures cause and perpetuate a range of health and stress problems. The life cycle of a turkey in a factory farm is a fast and furious three months of misery and suffering. This industrial-scale cruelty does our society, and the institutions and organisations that condone it, no credit at all.